Thursday, November 18, 2010

past due.

snowed in
These are tracks I recorded in the Winter '09. I had fallen out of favor
with this abrasive style, so I never really shared any of this, but I came across<
it the other day and decided to share before it got lost somewhere
in the pile of music that i've collected these past few years.
I really like "snowed in" or at least how it started.
I feel like its a but too jumbled now,
but I'm past the point of going back and editing it.
The other 2 songs are 'whatever', everything I do musically is an experiment,
and this one came off pissed and angry, I can't imagine I was in a happy place at this time,
but I do remember wanting to make something loud and brash,
a stark contrast from the quiet acoustic creeps I had been and continued to create.
Comments are always appreciated

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  1. I love this stuff, man. Explode is my favorite, maybe of everything you've done. Glad you shared these!