Saturday, February 21, 2009

so fresh

These are a few drawings from a small moleskine i had freshman year. I just recently acquired a scanner, so now i'm scanning anything i can find in my apartment.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nazi Nurses?

Here are some early sketches for the helix comic, again. These pages expand some ideas i've had, but might be kind of confusing still, but i'm confident the final product will be clear.

My thought process behind the helix comic - The male character has been undergoing involuntary biological tests in a lab/prison, and his body is changing after every injection. He wants to keep track of his time spent, slowly evolving into a monster behind closed doors, but without daylight, resorts to reciting nursery rhymes (the only thing he still remembers from his previous life).

This story has already changed considerably, so this might be completely different within a few days.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Elephant Gun

I've been doing a lot of sketches lately without any true sense of direction behind it, but through this I've realized how fascinated I am with age and gross out humor. For my final project, I'm going to explore these elements in different scenarios, creating a very detached comic, with mini comics within the larger story. I'm still working on a lot of details, but just wanted to update everyone on my progress!

This was my first rough sketch/storyboard/"i dont know what" of the helix comic done during class. This one was set up in a hospital or lab, with the male visibly sick and weak, and the female arrives with the final blow, a syringe filled with toxic/radioactive/snot material which would then somehow initiate the man's physical transformation, thus overpowering the female. This kind of seemed bland at first, but I've changed a lot and i'm really excited about finishing this now!