Saturday, February 12, 2011

lost song - part 1

Great North

I returned from Michigan this week and have been sick ever since. I cannot stand my allergies in Missouri, and leaving reminds me of how great it is to breathe.

Being sick has given me an opportunity to clear out my garageband, find some lost treasures, and delete the not-so lost treasures. Most of these are unfinished, well... like most of the music on here. I think it gives this blog a very raw perspective at the creative process, if only there was a way to push it past this point. This blog is just a place for instant gratification, for me at least, where I can make something, post it, and leave it here, like a time-capsule.

I've also gone back, finding pictures long ago that I had taken. I never take photographs anymore, and at some level feel like I've cheated myself out of physical memories that i can share, thus the manipulation of these pictures, foggy and distorted like an old tv set. No one will remember scrambled television.