Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pink Sock - Barned Again EP

Before Frat Rock, there was the Barned Again EP. Travis and myself recorded this in our apartment in early 2009, in less than 20 minutes.

I Gonna Give Me Hand Job

I could die any old place garbage bath im no no waste gimme gimme gimme hand job gimme gimme gimme hand job gimme gimme drug eat your old head


Bend over Let me puke on your Brown eye No one gets out alive your hands eh cannibal

Sister Pisser

I dont really alive listen karma you say youre white i know youre butt are you loving me you you if i were sucking this i would have a million sisters to kiss come here baby

Dead Body Day

Sigh motherfucker sigh everybody's telling you to sigh i sigh what should we sell intermission religion i dont even ribbit BARNED AGAIN i can't see what's in front of me help

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  1. "Sister Pisser" is my favorite.