Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Helix Completed

I'd love to know what everyone thinks, so feel free to criticize/comment/question!


  1. The darkness captures the theme of the cartoons (if that's what you like to call them).

    Morbid, but fascinating. Lots of things to find every time.

    Thanks for following my blog, too.

    Call me with the details for Frat Rock's performance this weekend. I'm going to write a little something for the paper about it.

  2. thanks dude... ummm... i just googled creepy basement and then threw it in photoshop and adjusted it.... got lucky on that one... your comic is awesome... the cross hatching is great.... so detailed and crazy lookin... great stuff

  3. wow these look amazing! The detail and the layout are just awesome. You did a really great job.

  4. Your drawings are a really fucked up way. You did a really good job with the detail.

    There's a lot of contrast, which is cool. The black and white, the nursery rhymes and the sort of violent insanity of everything. I think that dichotomy makes it more morbid, which might be why I am so fascinated by it.