Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nazi Nurses?

Here are some early sketches for the helix comic, again. These pages expand some ideas i've had, but might be kind of confusing still, but i'm confident the final product will be clear.

My thought process behind the helix comic - The male character has been undergoing involuntary biological tests in a lab/prison, and his body is changing after every injection. He wants to keep track of his time spent, slowly evolving into a monster behind closed doors, but without daylight, resorts to reciting nursery rhymes (the only thing he still remembers from his previous life).

This story has already changed considerably, so this might be completely different within a few days.


  1. Beautiful... Surreal...

    Keep this loose style. Especially in the lettering.

    Maybe he is writing these thoughts on the wall of his prison cell?

    Might also be fun to write some text purposefully and line it out like in your sketches. I also like how organic the frames form up to being. Such as when you create a border with the text as the drawing frames stack up.

    You can definitely use the frames to show a state of mind and set the mood of the book. Be conscious of that tool.

    Don't worry about being too clear in the characters state of mind. Just be sure that the reader knows what is going on. You don't have to let them on to what is going on for a few pages though. Let them think what they want for a while. Anticipation and speculation make the reader feel more attached to the story.

  2. i like the idea of him writing on the walls, and ive adopted it for the story, i think its going to work well, thanks.

    my frames are going to be all over the place, overlapping, cutting in and out, but i dont think it will confuse the reader at all. I'm dropping a lot of text from the story hopefully soon, i want to keep it as simple to understand as possible.

    i dont think have any other style than "loose", im not too good at drawing straight lines, which i dont mind, it only makes my characters seem like theyre from dr. katz